Name: Aarthi Sitar
Found In: The College Lovers Series
Year Of Creation: 2003
Date Of Birth: 14th July 1960
Family: Pankaj (Brother)
Friends: Sharni Hendry, Vince Carr, Vernon Carr, Andre Carr, Lisa Kentley, Sophia Smith, Ade Smith
Spouse: N/A

Introduced as Sharni Hendry, Vince Carr and Steven Wilks' Geography teacher at college.
Takes a liking to Vince Carr as a good student.
Helps Sharni out when she feels hurt.

Mistakes Vernon for his twin brother Vince Carr.
Mocks Steven Wilks for retaking the course from the year before.

Her first name is revealed.
Supports the College Lovers Band while they struggle through the worst situation yet.