Name: Vernon Carr
Found In: The College Lovers Series
Year Of Creation: 2001
Date Of Birth: 20th February 1987
Family: Andre Carr (Cousin), Vince Carr (Twin Brother), Sharni Hendry (Sister-In-Law)
Friends: Lisa Kentley, Ade Smith, Steven Wilks
Spouse: Sophia Smith (Girlfriend)

Introduced at the age of 16.
Works at a furniture shop.
Even though he is only 10 minutes older than Vince, he feels that it is his responsibility to care for his twin brother in whatever state he is in.

Decides to start college at aged 17 along with his girlfriend Sophia and best friend, Ade.
At first Miss Sitar mistakens him for Vince, but soon becomes very fond of both of the twins.
When Vince goes missing, he and Sophia go on a search party with Steven's dog Donald.

Now age 18, he is in his second year of college.
He and his family about three weeks in Jamaica to look after his grandfather.