Name: Sophia Smith
Found In: The College Lovers Series
Year Of Creation: 2001
Date Of Birth: 24th February 1987
Family: Ade Smith (Brother)
Friends: Sharni Hendry, Vince Carr, Andre Carr, Lisa Kentley
Spouse: Vernon Carr (Boyfriend)

Introduced at the age of 16. Works in a furniture shop with boyfriend, Vernon.
Looks out for her brother in case he gets into trouble. Cares for the twins as if they were family.

Decides to start college at aged 17 along with her boyfriend Vernon and brother, Ade.
When Vince goes missing, she and Vernon go on a search party with Steven's dog Donald.

Now age 18, she is in her second year of college.
She and the rest of the bad help Sharni whilst she goes through the toughest time yet.