Name: Sharni Hendry-Carr
Found In: The College Lovers Series
Year Of Creation: 1993
Date Of Birth: 16th March 1987
Family: Andre Carr (Guardian), Vernon Carr (Brother-In-Law)
Friends: Lisa Kentley, Sophia Smith, Ade Smith, Steven Wilks
Spouse: Vince Carr (Husband)

Introduced at the age of 16. Starts college.
Lost her parents at aged 8 years and Andre Carr became her legal guardian.
Best friend to Lisa Kentley since 1994. Goes to Dance Class with her.
Finally dates Steven Wilks, whom she had a crush on for the past 5 years.

In second year of college.
Now, officially dating Vince Carr.
She is suspicious of the new comer Xeena Medley whom she feels she isnt what she claims to be.

Now age 18, she has left college. Prepares to perform a musical for the first time in a public theatre.
She gets a big surprise of her life. However, soon after she goes through the toughest time yet.
She and Lisa Kentley meets Jon Henderson who becomes their new co-worker in the musical.