Name: Andre Carr
Found In: The College Lovers Series
Year Of Creation: 1997
Date Of Birth: 25th February 1977
Family: Thomas Carr (Son), Sarah Carr (Daughter), Little Danny (Son), Vince Carr (Cousin), Vernon Carr (Cousin), Sharni Hendry
Friends: Lisa Kentley, Ade Smith, Sophia Smith
Spouse: Samantha Carr (Wife)

Introduced at the age of 26.
He has been Sharni Hendry's Guardian for the last 8 years as well as her good friend.
Tries to keep Sharni from heartbreak.

Goes on honeymoon with his childhood sweetheart and newly wed wife, Samantha Carr.

He and his wife now have three little baby triplets.
He and his wife move to a new home. Occasionally lets Sharni stay with them.
His secret about playing the piano at a young age is out and teaches Sharni how to play it.