I am an Anime/Manga Artist with six years of experience, creating and developing my own animations. I work on themes related to personal experience and represent this through the characters and storylines that I create. This representation can be literal or appear as an interpretation of how I perceive the world around me and my experiences within it. My animations are targeted to an audience whose ages range from 6 years and over, and they cover a variety of issues relevant to the age group. By doing this, my aim is to try and give the audience a sense of reassurance should they be experiencing any of the same issues.
Alongside creating my animations, I also compose my own soundtracks to accompany them. I use a specific range of sounds to emphasise the feelings and emotions that I portray, giving more depth to my stories, and to give a unique sound identity to my work.
Over the six years, I have gained an understanding of my own practice, the processes that produce the best results and I have developed my own style of Manga. I am able to manage my time effectively, prioritise my work loads and perform to meet deadlines.