Hi! I am S. T. Haque and I am
an aspiring Animator, Manga Artist, Author and
Part-Time Musician. My work is targeted
at audiences of a range of different ages from six
years to 18+. I completed my BA Art & Design in
2014 and hope to pursue a career there after.

I was inspired by animation
from the age of five when I was given a
video of Disney's 'The Little Mermaid.' The style
in which the characters were drawn inspired me to
draw my characters in a similar way. You can take a
look at some of my current characters as they
were drawn in my old style here.

I became aware of the Japanese style of
animation 'Anime' when the TV series of
'Saban's Adventures of The Little Mermaid'
was aired in 1992, however I still preferred the
style of Disney in terms of drawing.

As my awareness of 'Anime'
increased I also found myself watching
animations to assess their story quality and I
realised that animations can tackle and relay true to
life events and issues. They are not always 'happy go lucky.' For me, 'Anime' is an avenue that allows me
to express my thoughts, opinions and ideas
on the world as I see it.

In October 2005, I started my
Foundation Degree Art and Design, and it
was here that I came across 'Manga' which is a
style of Japanese Comic. This style began to
dominate my drawing to the point where Disney has
very little influenced on me. However, if I am
offered a job which requires me to draw in
Disney style, I am happy to persue it.

I now had a new drawing style
and a passion for 'Anime', and created my first
animation trailer of my own story
ShimmeryVain: The Forbidden Love (2006-2008).
I now draw all my characters, old and new, in Manga/Anime.

Alongside my degree I have
also written a number of stories, which as
an Asian, are influenced by Bollywood films, having
at least one Asian character. My current series of
stories, begun in 2002,The College Lovers Series are
an example of some influences
of Bollywood and real life.

Music is a hobby of mine, and I enjoy
creating the soundtracks to my animations, as
well as composing separate pieces and covers of
favourite songs. I'm influenced by Artists such
as the 3nity Brothers, and by various
Bengali and Hindi songs.